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Born between 1945 - 1965 may have hepatitis c WHY???

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happybrandee 30 May 2013

I don't understand what you are asking? I was born in 1967 and I have HepC! I know how I probably got it! Did you have a blood transusion, get an organ transplant, have a pericing, a tattoo, share drug needles??? These are some of the ways that you can get it. Please make your question more clear?

dragonmist 31 May 2013

I know that during this period they didn't know it existed and therefore it was in the blood supply. I got it from a transfusion in the early 70's. I wanted to blame someone but couldn't, lol. They can't know before they know. Once it was identified they could screen blood donations. It's horrid to have but there are ways of coping. Please feel free to post questions or requests for support. We are here to help! Meanwhile, don't forget that everything you eat, drink, breathe or get on your skin goes thru your liver. I try to give mine as few chores as possible by using natural and organic (when I can afford to). Eat things to feed your liver, not feed the virus. Good luck and post often! free discount card

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