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Borderline Personality Disorder - Are you capable of loving others?

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Stephen Treloar 30 Aug 2014

My experience is that you can experience 'Love' in an abstract sort of way. I love my mum and one of my sisters quite a lot but that has always been like that, but romantic love is impossible and the idea of sexual contact repulses me (thank heavens I wasn't always like this). I don't like many people and find it hard to disguise. I trust no one and have a special hatred for doctors.

fayfaith 30 Aug 2014

Unbelievable,I feel so much the same way! Although I don't think it helps with this person's question. :(

fayfaith 30 Aug 2014

Oops... I apologize, it does help. I didn't read it correctly. God bless

oggysgirl 4 Sep 2014

Stephen I was not dx until I was 49 and I am in my second marriage , I have 3 kids(adult) that I absolutely adore most of the time. And I have 4/5 grandchildren ages 4, 3, 2 , 5 months and due any day. I absolutely adore them. I have a problem on and off with my mom , my dad my sister , . I also had a terrible time keeping friends and working with others! free discount card

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