I am new to the forums but not new to BPD. I have lived with symptoms since age 11. I have learned all I can learn from books and literature and DBT classes and self reflection I have as of now been able to get my hands on and I'm very good at research. I still assess a reaction or behavior if I think it doesn't sync with my logical mind or vice versa. Frequently I'll reflect upon the nature of my relationships with others and my behaviors surrounding those relationships. I also use DBT skills daily as I am frequently in distress due to an extremely painful and completely spread through my body, arthritic condition. It all may seem obsessive and to some extent I admit it is however, I am able to help people with these and other types of physical and psychiatric issues by my career choice and enjoy doing so. If I could afford it I'd work for free because I'd do it anyway for my own personal hobby. I would just like everyone to know that I am available as being so new to forums and this site, I haven't the ability to post a description of myself. I will be checking the postings but as I am dealing with many health issues both new and old, I won't have much time to comb through all of them amongst my many new support groups. One thing I just recognized I'm doing is jumping in with both feet and getting really excited about something. I think I need this though. I am in some dire straights and need to feel I'm making a positive impact as much as possible. I'm limited in the number of hours I can spend moving and working and while my hours at work have shortened and become much more flexible, my commitment and desire to help hasn't changed. Thank you, Michael