Everything I have asked those who answered helped tremendously & I can't thank you enough. I need help looking for a book that I saw in my doctors office (should have snatched it, I wouldn't be looking for one now) Please bare with me I'm not sure what the question is. But i really need help with this. He had a booklet that had all the drugs for any illness known. It have all the codes for the different strengths of the drugs. I suffer from a severe form of bipolar. ADHD. panic/anxiety disorder-SEVERE OCD ( having financial problems due to that. i also suffer from Schizophrenia/personality disorder..crazy insomnia & have manic episodes about twice a month that last between 4-7 days,
I take seroquil . Zoloft-Adderall-Klonipin Bupropion Tizanidine & Lunesta.My doctor put me on Oxcarbazepine today. Does anyone know if there is a book of some kind out there that have ALL drugs for mental illnesses what there used for & how it might help explain how they are used. Example the
Oxcarbazepine he prescribed today has nothing concerning any of my "issues". I'm so turned around . I thought if I have one of those books with all the drugs & what illness there used for my then I learn more than I already know.
Greatly appreciated for any help.
Thanks for your time.