I started having pain in my knees 3+ months ago. I had trouble getting up and down from my chair and in and out of the car. Then I started having pain in my hands, particularly my thumbs. My thumb joints click and are stiff. Now I have excruciating pain in my arms, shoulders and between my shoulder blades. My range of motion is decreasing and the weakness is increasing. I am in pain constantly. It is debilitating. Ibuprofen and Tramadol helped for a while, now not as much. Gabapentin and Lyrica made is much, much worse. After taking Lyrica I could not get the covers off me to get out of bed. Can't sleep because of agonizing pain in my shoulders that feels like it is boring through my bones. Also have a weird pain in my right heel only when I lie down. Often feel like my right knee is giving out. My ears started hurting a few days ago and last night I started feeling like I was having difficulty breathing. This morning I had a weird feeling when I swallowed, like everything had slowed down. I do have Pulmonary Hypertension (diag 9/18/14) and Chronic Kidney Disease (diag 2013). Blood tests show no inflammation or autoimmune stuff. My doctor does not know what is causing the pain. I need help with what to do next to get this figured out so I'm not in pain constantly. I cry myself to sleep some nights because I hurt so bad. Anyone else gone though something like this or have any idea what this might be?