is there a such thing as this? I've been on percocet 10mg 3x a day for almost 2 years now for my back,in the last few months,i'd say around 3 they are starting to not work,my pain is back along with the spasms,et cetera,my question is,can you go through withdrawls the same as those who abuse drugs? it's hard to explain,i DO NOT abuse them,never have,but since they have started to not work,in the morning(which is the worst time)i cant function,i get all shaky,sweaty,yet cold,just not feeling good,when it's my time to take them,it helps a little but not much,and as time goes by it just gets worse,so i was wondering if thats sorta a withdrawl symptom even though i dont abuse them,its just that they arent working for me anylonger,so when you get immuned,can you withdrawl? i hope i wrote this out right for others to understand,lol. thanks!