I was diagnosed recently with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, although I believe that I have had it for a long while. While researching, I came across an alarming statistic that said that about 30% of people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder are comorbid with Somatic Delusional Disorder. Curiously, I started to research Somatic Delusional Disorder and shockingly discovered that I had most if the symptoms and never even knew they were symptoms of anything. I know that people stare at me when I walk by because they see me as I see myself; as deformed and as disgusting-looking. I know that my face looks deformed and unhuman and I look like I have some kind of defect. I look like a deformed male rather than the woman that I am. I do not see this as delusional. I see this as the upmost truth. But would this be considered delusional in the eyes of a medical professional?