The quick summary is I felt nauseated, sick and bloated since Sunday night to Monday night. I thought it was just a tummy bug from something I ate or had to drink Sunday. Monday early evening I did have a fever and felt so cold. Monday night I thought it went as I was eating more then just soup. I woke Tuesday morning and I felt the nauseated, feeling sickness and just yuck (I can not really understand how I feel it's hard to explain) but I just feel different. Mornings or when I first wake up is more intense. It hurst to laugh. But at the end of the week I noticed some spotting it was a pinky/brownish colour it only lasted 5mins and the next day I noticed some more. But today I'm bleeding it's a lighter colour then a normal period and the flow is different. (I put a pad on and nothings on it yet) And my period isn't due until the second week of June. I'm unsure if this could be implantation bleeding (although it's usually spotty but everyone who I've spoken to has had it differently too) Is pregnancy a possibility you ask, yes I believe so as my partner and I did have intercourse more then once around the time of Ovulation. I'm 24. (Both my partner and I do not have any sexual diseases. We have been together for over 5 years) I was on the pill (Evelen ED) for 4 years and 9 months but stopped it a couple of months ago and my periods have all come on time after stopping. Has anyone else had or felt something like this, and what is? I know this might be silly to ask but I'm a little unsure. As if my body is playing horrible tricks on me. I'm kind of at a stand still as to how I am feeling at the moment. It's too early to do a pregnancy test. If I do not feel better soon I'll see my doctor (just my doctor is so busy at the moment) Thank you for all your help :)
(And hoping it will be some help to others aswell)