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Does BMS disappears at some point in life? Does someone was cured of BMS?

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SHEsevEN4 19 Feb 2015

That is a life long problem my mother has it, Doctors say something to do with nerve she has had it for 30 years or more, some nights she don't sleep very well, its bad she's say's, took her two years to even get a name for it, wish I could be of more help, maybe someone else will give you more information on BMS.

Rosidalia 20 Feb 2015

Thank you very much for answering my question . Thanks for sharing your mom's story. It will help me. I really hope the doctors found the cure for this disease. They should investigate more about it cause I realized there are more people with this BMS. I have 37 years old. BMS started since 2007 2 months later after my son's death. He died when she had 1 year old. I am really greatfull because of your answer. God bless and help to your Mom too.

francescaforno 2 Mar 2015

I have 27 years and i have had BMS since 3 years ago, the pain went from bad to worse it spread to my lips and cheeks and 2 years ago due to the pain I stop talking, its true! i cant talk anymore, I´m molt, my husband is doctor and is french and he talk with specialists in france, brazil, corea, I even went to philadelphia to a specialist and nothing, but mi BMS is a mixture with connective tissue disease so is more complicated, there is a doctor in brazil that have great results with a laser therapy, some patients feel that his pain was reduce almost 90% but the doctor was honest and he says that it would not work for mi because of my illness, BUT may be it could work for you! don´t lose hope.

satinshoes 8 Aug 2015

Hi Francesca,
I read your story and feel your pain. I've been living with BMS for 4 years now. Been to numerous doctors and spent 1000's of dollars with no help. I'm still taking Gabapentin and chewing lots of gum but that is a temporary fix.
I would consider a trip to Brazil if I knew it would help. Please send me any info that you can on the Dr so I could reach out to him.
Thank you so much and stay positive!

ixa 11 May 2017

Hi there
I would like to say my experience about my treatment for BMS. What is interesting is that your husband is french and my treatment will give him another window to see what else is available in Europe.
I had a laser treatment by an excellent surgeon in the U.K. and first time it was laser on a small patch and felt very good and the pain went. I now have half of my tongue laser two days ago because that is where I have BMS and I am hoping a good result. May be you need to look into this proccedure and if you need to know the name of the surgeon who is specialised in this field then let me know. This is fairly new treatment in the U.K.

jgibson6 2 Mar 2015

No one knows... so far from all that have it
..never... they have drops for dry mouth that help though and one drop that still is to the roof of your mouth...

chrisamanor 19 Mar 2015

i have had burning tongue for about 10 years have been to doctor, dentist, ENT specialist - nothing cures it. I sometimes soothe it with letting an aspirin dissolve in my mouth which works a bit. I chew sugar-free gum all the while which helps as well. I have tried high doses of alpha-lipoic acid in the past, it didn't work for me but it might for you.I have just got a prescription from my Dr for Clonazepam which may help, I will post if it does. I am worried about taking this as it is addictive. I have read that Capsaicin can help but don't know in what form to take it, does anyone else? Good luck everybody, Chris

jgibson6 19 Mar 2015

They have a lozenge that you put on the roof of your mouth that is suppose to help... lemon drops help some. I read to use a cream with capasian in it. I tried that and just used a dot here and there and it DID seem to help for a day or so... it diverts the pain receptors so they are not able to signal the brain of pain.

jgibson6 20 Mar 2015

no 1 knows if it ever stops. I do know that I had blood work for all my vitamins and minerals and all of them were normal range so it can't be from a deficiency from vitamins are minerals. Mine started after I have an abscessed tooth and had to take a lot of antibiotics that they increased the dosage have after a week to a stronger antibiotic

jgibson6 20 Mar 2015

no 1 knows if it ever stops. I do know that I had blood work for all my vitamins and minerals and all of them were normal range so it can't be from a deficiency from vitamins are minerals. Mine started after I have an abscessed tooth and had to take a lot of antibiotics that they increased the dosage have after a week to a stronger antibiotic

Margiedaniels 18 Apr 2015

ALERT... Pay attention...
Did you all see the article written by Tanya Lewis on April 10, 2015 !!!
Go look it up. There was a lady just like us and Dr. Maria Nagel from the School of Medicine in Colorado found that is was the Herpes Simplex virus type 1. was her problem. Pull the article and you can read it all. I had my blood drawn on April 16th, and my Dr. said maybe Tuesday will have and answer. This is the first new information in years... The original article was written for Live Science. Good luck to us all. Either way, I will post what the blood results are.

Airforcemum 20 May 2015

I found this article as well and I am taking it to my ENT today. They actually ran saliva tests for that woman. I know I have Herpes, so I am hoping it is a possibly with me. I am determined to figure this out!!!

sam13dan 21 May 2015

Good luck Air force mum, My blood test said I was fine and did not have Herpies1. But I have been working with a life coach(all in the mind) and it has helped. We are retired a
AFA. Good luck to you.

triciajo 4 May 2015

I'm just curious as to does anyone here have the feelings like they have sand in their mouth? The gritty feeling even though you brush and rinse. Along with constant sticky foamy saliVA feeling and burning of inner lip and gums. Even though my dentist can't find anything. I feel like I'm going bananas .

DianeMoran 28 May 2015

I have exactly these symptoms. Have had bms for 4 years. Please try taking aloe Vera. The medicinal plant - Google it to make sure you have the right one. I've been eating it for about a month. It helps. It's not a cure, but it's the best I've found to date. Just get an aloe Vera plant, trim off the spikes, peel off the green skin, cut it up and eat it. I hope you have some success. This is an awful condition - made worse because for so long doctors told me it was all in my mind until I found it on the Internet! Please let me know how you go. The aloe Vera is the only thing I can attribute my improvement too. Good luck.

Margiedaniels 6 Aug 2015

The answer is YES... Like all of us I had it for 5 years. I took the medical drugs, stuff
I found on the internet, changed my eating, milk, water and had the old fillings replaced and wore minnie needles in my ears for weeks on end. The list goes on but you get the picture. Bottom line, my daughter dared me to see a physiologist. WHY would I do that?? Jan of 2015 I started 2 sessions a week. After a month went to one session a week and now I go two times a month. Eight months and I have relief. The doc was up front and said she had never heard of this. She did some research and we both agreed NO DRUGS and at any time I could stop if I felt it wasn't helping. I got relief on and off in the 4th month and as we dug and talked we started to understand for me why this happened. I have had little or no pain at all. You have to do the home work and the breathing exercises, whatever it might be and keep an open mind.

francescaforno 8 Aug 2015

i´m really really happy for you, and because you give me hope. I have a mix of BMS with other two autoinmune diseases and the pain has increased, from the tongue to the lips then to the cheeks, about almost 3 year ago i stop speaking due to the pain, i write on my ipad, I can´t cry or laugh because its hurt so bad, and well i wont give more details... i´m eating "properly" can you talk to me more about your diet and what you did to leave the pain behind?.
I´m at the edge of driving me crazy, really, i´m really depressed, i feel like a weight to my husband, we have only 29 and we are dealing with all of these since we had 25, we have the soul of old people... i´m even considering go to a clinic in suiza were they help you to just letting yourself go... So please any tip will help me.
hugs from peru.
sorry for mi rough english free discount card

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