I am 42 years of age, my doctor put me on bupropion XL 150 once per day for Anxiety, 2 weeks in to it I started having headaches and sleep issues. I reached out to my doctor and he decided to switch me to SR 150 twice twice per day. On week 2 on the SR I've started to notice vision changes, like my vision was going crazy, like blurred vision, pain in eyes on all. So I went to see my eye doctor and went through all kind of testing, I was told everything looks good but I need to stop those meds ASAP as it's causing my blurred vision and eye pain. So I stopped the meds about 6 days ago as my doctor is out on PTO and his backup doctor told me to stop and follow up with my doctor when he gets back. I feel my vision is getting better slowly by the day.

Has anyone experienced this type of vision side effect. If so, does it go a way eventually and how long does it take to go away after stopping these meds?

This thing is making me really anxious :(

Thanks in advance for all your responses.