When I was very young I found a pretty blue M&M candy in the kitchen dust pile my mother was sweeping. I plucked it out thinking it was an M&M candy, chewed it, gagged and spit it out before swallowing. I was young enough not to know better than to eat from a dirt pile... so it was between 1967 and 1969 I imagine.

My mother told me it was a bird bill. Meaning, a pill that would be for our small pet parakeet. Clearly, now, I know she was lying; birds don't take pills the size of M&Ms. If it was NOT hers I imagine she wouldn't have come up with a rediculous answer; she could easily have said it was a Grandma or Grandpa pill as they visited often.

My mother had 4 or 5 children and was between 29 and 32 years old at the time. She was disenchanted, I'm certain. Anyone know what pill this could have been? Thanks.