my mom has HEP C from a blood donation,yeeears ago... back in the 50's & 60's.her HERSHEY MEDICAL dr said that,back then they didn't have "best practices".when she was in fl... she had a dr put her on the INTERFURON program... and it damn near killed her.she has beenseeing a gastro dr in chambersburg & under verrry good care at HERSHEY MEDICAL.she also has cists on her pancreas,that they have been dealing with... & her bile duct is blocked,leading to the liver. :-(.aaand the liver has been retaining fluid as's just a stressful situation... not just for her... but me as well.i am ONLY 43... lol.but i am not as strong as i need to be... my brother kicked her out,back in '04 just after i moved here.she had gotten sick & couldn't work no more.(she had no money coming in... etc.)4 YEARS went by,before i found out.i am doing my best to help her through this... when i don't understand something... i just GOOGLE it... lol..:-).