Hello, i am 20 years old, female, and generally healthy, have no health issues that i know of. On april 6th i had what seemed like a stomach virus where i threw up twice and had diarrhea maybe 3 or 4 times.
I was fine the next day and havent thrown up or had diarrhea since. Well i started my period april 7th and it was ending on the 13th. I had some stomach cramps that day and when i went to go #2 that evening, it looked as if my stool had some mucus and blood with it. Well later on i was cramping and passing alot of gas and when id wipe it was like a wet, mucuousy brown/yellow with pink and red. I honestly thought it may have been my period but it wasnt. I wasnt wiping near my vagina at all. Well everything i look up on the internet says colon or anal cancer! Im freaked out. Well it didnt happen again for a couple days, although i have been constipated and passing smaller amounts of stool, i still have been having stomach cramps and gas. Tonight i wiped and it was the same as the other night, a mucuousy bloody wipe. I am too young to be experiencing this and im freaking out. Someone please help me, i am going to try to make an appointment with a dr asap because colon cancer keeps going through my mind and i have a 1 yr old son so i have to go to the dr to be safe. I know anyone can get cancer at any time so. But i sure hope its nothing serious!