Hi. I just recently went to my psychiatrist and hes starting me on seroquel 150XR (for insomnia) at night. Hes also trying to ween me off xanax (which is going to be a whole different monster on its own) but my question pertains to the seroquel.
He wants me to go get blood work done, the paperwork said something about fasting (not that i had to fast before the test, like it was testing me to see IF i was fasting). I have some trouble eating/ keeping food down sometimes and i have told him this before, but he never seemed too interested in it until he wanted to start seroquel.

So my question i guess is; is there a connection between some type of blood work (like low iron or something like that, not something like sickle-cell or a genetic thing) that would make me unable to safely take seroquel? Cause i found this a really weird thing as a prerequisite for seroquel