Hi, about year or so ago I began getting slight pain in my upper abdomen (just behind the lower left hand side of my ribs. I could press into it and get extreme pain. I would get sharp stabbing pains and pain shooting down the bottom side of my ribs. It would be so painful it would wake me up sometimes. It comes and goes. I also have constant heartburn (it can be very mild, moderate or severe), I often have heartburn most days and pretty much all day. shortly after I had the pain in my abdomen I also got lower back pain.
Recently the pain has started up again (there's always pain if I press into it, that never left but stabbing pains and such have returned). However this time since the pain started up again
I've also been feeling very nauseous most of the time and my appetite has been less as of late..

One of the more recent symptoms however (started about 2 months ago, give or take), I've been having on and off bouts of diarrhea every now and then. When I finish and look down it's dark and you can't see the bottom of basin, sometimes there's a metallic odor to it. I assume it's blood but I am not sure as I have never seen blood in my waste before, let alone in watery diarrhea. Anyone have any idea what it would look like? Also, anyone have any ideas what may be wrong with me?

I would go to the doctors but the wait time for an appointment is very lengthy.