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What's the better blood thinners ... I'm taking warfarin, to many blood test?

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suzanne66 16 May 2013

Warfarin or newer blood thinners such as dabigatran (Pradaxa) are effective for preventing strokes in patients with atrial fibrillation. The advantages of the newer blood-thinners is they do not require you to monitor your INR and have very few drug interactions. Warfarin is given just once a day but dabigatran requires twice daily dosing. Dabigatran is more expensive.
You should talk to your doctor to find out if dabigatran is an option for you.

kaismama 16 May 2013

They are all effective. The new ones aren't monitored and you don't have to watch your vitamin K intake. Plavix is the only one that has a generic available. There also is now antidote for the new ones if you sere bleeding or need emergency surgery.

bestpup 16 May 2013

Yes warfarin requires "monthly" testing if all is going well. It also has been on the market for years and years.
That to me is a sign of a good safe drug.
It's also much much cheaper than the new designer blood thinners.
I would stick with the drug that's a known winner.
Take care.

mesmariah 4 Sep 2016

It is very cheap compared to the newer blood thinners However, that being said, it is very hard to say which ones are better than the others. My body evidently would not adjust to warfarin. I would be 4.7 one week and 1.2 the next week and had to have labs weekly for the past couple years. Missing out on certain foods is a small sacrifice but having to watch my INRs constantly was worrisome and expensive in the long run... gas to go to weekly labs, lab costs etc. And after over 2 years of it, finally dr prescribed Xarelto 20mg and I was very excited that this would be so much easier on me but not so fast... woke up every morning with a mouth full of blood from bleeding gums! Now starting another one... Eloquis. Will give feedback on that one later on. ... have to take 2 (separate times) pills of this one daily. Anyone else have this happen? Wonder what's next if it doesn't work out. Praying it does though. free discount card

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