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I have had blood in my stools for over a year now, is this from hemroids? why is this not painful?

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Inactive 26 Dec 2012

Hello tcup44, & welcome to the site. If you have had birght red blood in your stool under any circumstances have it checked by your doctor. You do not sound alarmed, like you have been ill or losing wieght or anything like that, & yes hemmoroids can cause bleeding too. It is always bright red? Usually they are more concerned with black stools indicating you are bleeding higher up Do not let this discourage you from seeking the advice of your phsician at all tho'. Any rectal bleeding needs to be adressed by a physician...

Inactive 26 Dec 2012

Hi tcup. Mary is absolutely correct. get yourself to a doctor. That is one thing that you do NOT ignore. Bright red blood can be from fissures, hemorrhoids, or something else. If you EVER have coffee grind like stools, go to your doctor THAT day, or an ER, because that means that you are bleeding internally. I'm sure that what you have is minor, but being that it is not painful, I would especially have that checked out!!

Best wishes to you!

Inactive 26 Dec 2012

Hope you had a Merry Christmas msfino... Mary

endlessPred 26 Dec 2012

Should you have bright red blood more extensive than wiped on toilet paper please see someone very soon, blood in the toilet means ER. Dark blood and clots also means ER. The first could be anal fissures which might hurt a couple moments only. The latter can involve vomiting, very sharp pain that subsides, and dangerous loss of blood.

The good news is that all of this can be addressed, properly treated and you are assured that nothing serious is going on. You can start with your general physician. Except for heavy bleeding. Just so you know, I had this happen a few times and each time one thinks it will stop. But you know within an hour that it isn't. The last time they were waiting for me with two bags of blood. So be careful and get it checked out so you can get proper treatment. And then no worries. free discount card

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