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What blood pressure medication has the least number of drug interactions?

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kaismama 20 Sep 2013

You're kidding right? The only way to answer that is to check every bp med, against every medication. If you give specific meds, then we can help you.

Inactive 21 Sep 2013

pjpjacobs - What meds are you taking now, or anticipate taking in near future?? We NEED a starting point here... Want to help, need more info...

HeadStarter 21 Sep 2013

Hello pjpjacobs and welcome to DC. This is probably best answered by the doctor prescribing that bp med. There are quite a few bp meds out there but it isn't like you are going to wing it and try them one by one.

The nature of your question does sound like you are on quite a few medications, though, and perhaps you are afraid??? Really and truly... I would talk with your doctor and share your concerns or fears. Doctors are there to help, assist, guide, protect and you have a "right" to expect that what you are being prescribed is the best for you overall... HANDS DOWN!

Also, talk with your pharmacist when you get your bp script to fill. Your pharmacist has a duty to alert you to potential drug interactions, too. Also, your pharmacist can alleviate any concerns you have as well. That is what they went to school for.

Be safe, be well and be informed. You are your own best advocate and we can help support you as best we can using this venue - the internet.

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