ok, so I've been on Vyvnase for a month. started at 30mg for 7 days then been on 50mg for the other 3 weeks. now my blood pressure fluxuates and I went to the VA hopsital and my blood presuure said 148/100 heart rate 102. they did it again and I'm sure it said 173/100 but they wrote down 139/100. so my questions is, if there saying I am ok to take this medication and I go up to 60 mg because my doctor said she will prescribe 7 pills for 7 days to see what it does in helping me read since that is the only problem now I am having,. will that do anything to me? like put me in cardiac arrest? sometimes my heart hurts but nothing bad, and nothing constant . some days I feel nothing and some days a little heart burn kind of, so the question is. in 2 days when I go up 10 more mg will I be fine? I dont think the Va hospital would lie to me but then again, they told me it's just my moods that make my blood pressure go up and that's what she put in a Dr note that is on file.I have th enote and I also forward it to the Dr who is giving me Vyvanse.