when i sit on my bed with knees bent my legs get numb, especially the calves and feet. I have to move my legs with my hands to straighten them out, which is very painful for some reason, especially behind my knees, and get the blood moving again in order to get the feeling back in my feet and lower legs. Today, for the first time, my foot got so numb that i went to move my leg and i couldn't. Speaking again of my lower leg and foot especially, my foot was completely numb, i had no feeling at all in it and i try to move it and could not move it at all. It was very scary to get the feeling of being paralyzed even for a short time and only in one area, it was still so scary. I had to pick up my leg and straighten it, I could actually feel the blood flowing back into my lower leg and foot and with in minutes i could move and had feeling in my foot again. Can someone tell me why this is happening and what i can do to stop it from happening. Thank You in advance!!