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My blood count is 10.8 does this mean I'm anemic?

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Inactive 14 Nov 2012

Hello marche70. I will do research, and hopefully beable to answer your question. Regards pledge

angel1662 15 Nov 2012

hello rmarche70,
did some research when your number falls below 11, so you are not bad, I remember my dropped down to 6 had to have a transfusion, but you r slightly under the number, but I would keep an eye and the doctor generally will write u a script for iron pills, depending on if that's the cause... GOD BLESS...

endlessPred 15 Nov 2012

A multi vitamin may well help you at this time. Have you had surgery or an accident? Of so, this will be temporary. If this has been a long time the doctor will prescribe.

Give the doc a call. Since you have the results but nothing was written for you, they have all your info and must feel it is important enough to treat. It is all about why you are this way at this point in time. See what the doc has to say.

vickers joann 17 Dec 2014

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