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What does blob mean on a prescription bottle?

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kaismama 30 Aug 2013

There is no medical abbreviation or unit of measurement that is blob. I would ask the pharmacist that filled it. It doesn't make sense to me.

DzooBaby 30 Aug 2013

Can you write the context or where you are finding this on your bottle?

Dumpster Diver 31 Aug 2013

Never saw "blob" printed on a prescription bottle. Take care..

HeadStarter 11 Sep 2013

Hello chall and welcome to DC. The technical term is Binary Large OBject or "blob" for short. They are used in data bases to store arbitrary binary data like photos and maps. Without the exact string info where the word "blob" appears... it is impossible to know if, for instance, it is referencing the sequence of numbers associated with the meds.

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