I started bleeding exactly a week before I am suppose to with my birth control (Microgestin) and have been taking it for at least 4-7 years now. I am also on a very high dose of Remicade (about every 2 months) and Methotrexate injections (every week) because of my Rheumatoid Arithits. The last time I bled before my period on my pill was before I started the other medications and was just spotting. This is light and constant. My boyfriend and I had sex about 5 weeks ago before my last period and that was on time and normal. I am not sure if this is a sign that my birth control needs to be changed or if I am somehow pregnant since I have been told by some of my doctors that I would have to be off of all my medications for a few years to become pregnant. I see my Gyno beginning of January but cannot get in before then. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. I am also 21 years old.