In one week I'm going to get my second depo' shot, I've yet to have a problem until now. I just had my period one week ago and everything was and has been normal, but today I started bleeding again. Its more of a clotty clean up type bleeding as apposed to a normal period, it's the 14th and my last day to get the shot is the 31st. Like I said I've only had one 3mth shot but I haven't had a single problem until now.
In case this matters, I'm 19 I have had one child who is 4mths old on the 21st
and I have a normal once a month period. I am a smoker and also I have had a headache on and off every day for like three weeks which may be irrelevant because I do suffer from chronic migraines and I am in a new home sleeping on a new bed with a very old and sensitive neck injury. Any help?