I've been on depo on and off since I was 16, im 23 now and I've currently been on it since Feb. Of this year. My next shot isn't due til Nov 5.. But since Sept. 8 I've been spotting and it hasn't been that brown "old" spotting it's been bright red. It isn't in "flow" form, it's just spotting... It had stopped for about 2-3 days but after I had sex with my bf, it started again maybe a day after the sex. Today... the bleeding had stopped for 4 days and I have symptoms of a bacterial infection, but we still had sex last night and today when I used the bathroom, I wiped away some pinkish tissue... idk WhAT's going on here. Has anyone ever experienced issues like this while on Depo? Depo was my best friend before this happened! (Lol)