I started taking seasonique and 3 weeks into the pack I started spotting. By day 13 of constant spotting I noticed the bleeding got heavier by the day so I made the decision to stop taking it since I only started taking it to control my periods and have less periods. As soon as I stopped the bleeding worsened and started passing huge clots. On day 15 I passed what looked to be a huge piece of raw meat (white and dark red spots) looking tissue. I freaked out of course. Since then I still am having a constant flow that doesn't seem to be getting any lighter but the blood is getting fresher. The bleeding won't stop and the cramps and bloating is the worst. I'm taking 3 to 4 ibuprofen a every 3 hours for the pain. Anyone please help, when will this end of is there a way to stop it? I feel I'm losing way too much blood and the pain isn't helping!