I have been on Seasonique for almost a year now. For the first 4 months or so, everything seemed alright. I had a bit of nausea and would occasionally spot (like, maybe a few days a week, and very minor bleeding). However, I've noticed since the beginning of this past summer that the bleeding increased. I now have to wear a menstrual cup every single days, because I am bleeding almost every single day. The only reason I've stayed on this pill is because it has completely eliminated the debilitating cramps and vomiting that I endured around the time of my period. However, I've noticed now that my iron levels are low, and I have had an increase in UTI's and am more sensitive "down there"- not sure if that's due to wearing a cup constantly, or the pill itself.
I am just wondering- is this BC worth it? Or does anybody here have experience similar to mine- and if so, what did you switch to if you changed pills?