... as you my doctors cant tell me whats wrong and always doing test and all come back normal, i did have a blood transfusion in 2009, i lost so much blood from blood clots as big as baseballs coming out of me. I was rushed to the er and they gave me 2 pints of blood and then put me on 4 birthcontrol pills a day then i was down to 2 a day for a couple months by my new obgyn. I was on that pill for over 3 years then i started spotting more while on it so they switched me to a new pill, well then about November last year i started my heavy bleeding again and then i went to a new obgyn in the same office she put me on 2 pills a day then i had an ultrasound, i had a polyp in my uterus, so i had it removed it was 2 inches long she said and i had a d and c while they removed it, then i bled for 2 weeks after but light then one day it was so much blood, constant bleeding while all along my blood count was still pretty low from losing blood before my surgery and after, they put me on 3 a day of birthcontrol pills, still not stopping me, so i ended up in the hospital she put me on estrogen in an iv. she said she has never seen anyone not stop bleeding, well it didnt stop me, she sent me home a day after on a friday i went the whole weekend just still bleeding and bleeding so monday comes im weak i know i am so low in my blood count i could feel it, i see a new dr he puts me into the hospital and puts me on a hormone pill and estrogen and planned to give me the blood transfusion that day well the nurses didnt give it to me so i waited tell the next day and i finally got my blood transfusion 2 pints again, and my bleeding had slowed down and was stopping from the hormone pill. so after a couple days i left the hospital and my bleeding had stopped. So this was in the first of January, i was on 2 estrogen pills a day and 2 hormone pills a day by April i went to 1 estrogen and 2 hormone, i took a trip to ny as soon as i came home on may 28th i went down to 1 hormone and 1 estrogen. a week later i just went down to 1 hormone pill and no estrogen pill. now its almost been a week and i am starting to bleed. i see my dr tomorrow and i hope i can get answers. I have dealt with heavy bleeding my whole life but it seems to get worse and worse. she also mentioned i have a fibroid on the outside of my uterus but it isnt causing anything is what she said, i know exactly how you feel and its horrible i cant do anything because im in pain or im bleeding so bad i just have to change my clothes every hour or stay near the bathroom to pass the clots and not get blood all over me. Im seeing my dr tomorrow and i hope i can get answers im so tired of this and i honestly know the only way that i will ever stop bleeding is if they just give me a hysterectomy but i am only 26, i have came to decided that i would rather not carry my children and im ok with that i can adopt or save my eggs, but getting a doctor to do it i think will be hard, but i just cry all the time wishing i could be normal and not deal with this anymore than i should half to, it has ruined my life and i have so much anxiety caused from it.
i have seen a hematologist and he just ruled out cancer and that i am anemic and iron deficiency, which i already knew that, i have had my thyroid tested, its fine and normal, i have had so many test and ultrasounds and nothing shows why this is happening to me