So my period was suppose to be 10/24/15. With that in mind, on the 21st of that month my boyfriend and I had sex and when I went to the bathroom there was the faintest color of light brown. We had sex again later that night, rather rough, it was dark so once we turned the light back on we found blood all over our privates. It wasn't enough blood to be considered a horror movie scene but there was a significant amount. Going to the bathroom I noticed that the blood was more brown. I kept bleeding brown blood until the 23rd and it was red so I thought it was just a weird period. There were some clots but they were small. However on the 24th it went back to brown, kind of dark. Then it went back to a normal healthy looking red and has stayed that way. It's been almost a full week and I'm still bleeding, and my periods are always 5 days.
Here are some additional details that could help;
-I do not take birth control, though I probably should.
-In the month of September I had two periods (we had a pregnancy scare so I took the plan b pill and started the second period after that which I heard is fairly normal).
-Pseudo cystic ovary syndrome runs in my family but I haven't had a cyst yet (last we checked was 2 years ago)
I did make an appointment to get checked out however they had to reschedule me so I have to wait another week before this is 100% figured out. So in the meantime I hope some of you guys could help me?