I had the mirena inserted 8 weeks after the birth of my first child on 5/19/15... I had a horrible experience with it... Bleeding pretty constantly for 7 months until I had it removed on 12/29/15. During my removal appointment, it was found that my mirena had migrated into my cervix and was not in my uterus at all. So after removal, I did not bleed at all until the next day when I started to pass large clots and bleed extremely heavily. Similar to my postpartum bleeding... This continued until Sunday 1/3/16 when I inserted a nuvaring and stopped bleeding. Then yesterday, I began spotting and today I am bleeding again. I am extremely concerned and tired of all of this. It is affecting my quality of life greatly. I plan on calling my doctors office on Monday, but I am sure they will just say it is normal as they have in the past. Has anyone else experienced anything similar and when did it subside?? I'm running out of hope. Thank you!!!