I started taking Mononessa birth control pills early last month. I started my active pills in the middle of my cycle and ended up taking my inactive week a week early, when my period would've originally been, for a multitude of reasons. (I also wasn't too concerned as my boyfriend and I always use condoms anyways and are extremely careful. Ultimately the pill will just be an extra measure of caution). I'm on my second month and about 14 days into my active pills. I've been bleeding for a few days now. I've had spotting here and there since the beginning, but it's been getting increasingly more heavy. It's been heavy enough that I've had to wear a pad all day and it soaks through toilet paper when I wipe. I've also experienced cramping as if I were on my period. I've heard things about spotting, but this seems so much more than that and I don't know if my period has actually started, which is a bit frustrating, as knowing exactly when my period was going to be was a perk for me. I haven't missed pills and I'm pretty consistent with the time I take them (6:00 pm). The other day I did end up taking one an hour late and last night I took one half an hour early. But other than that, it's always at 6:00 pm. I'm just a bit concerned. I don't know if it's something I did or if it's normal or not.