It was the first month I've been taking the pills and 5 pills left at the end and I forgot to take one, one day so the next I took 2 and continued taking the last 4 I started bleeding the day I took the 2 pills and it's just gotten worse since then with bleeding. I didn't take the placebo pills and just started my new pack. I'm about 4 days in and I'm still bleeding. Should I continue taking all the pills for the month then take the placebos if I'm still bleeding. I've been bleeding for the last week and 2 days but my period usually is for 3 days and is every 2-3 months. (Before I started the pill) I'm wondering if I can take the placebo pills now then continue on the first week of my new pack when the bleeding ends. I need some advice on what to do. Will I be bleeding this whole pack?