I have some concerns about my nonstop bleeding. It started October 5th and it is still ongoing. It is accompanied with horrid cramps (I am pretty insensitive to pain, I've given birth twice and was unmedicated for most of both of the labors). The cramps have woken me up in the middle of the night. I have also gained close to 10 lbs since i began to bleed, which is unusual because I've always been small and have never been one to ever shift too much in weight. The bleeding is regular, towards the end of the week it slows down but before it completely stops it restarts again. I have also been getting pretty intense charlie horses about 3x per week. On top of that I've overall felt moody, tired, and weak. I have been on nexplanon for the past year and a half. I am sure it probably is related to the hormone levels changing in the implant but due to my mother having stage 3 cervical cancer when she was 26 and endometriosis around the same time, it is concerning to me. I am hoping someone else can shine some light on this.. I've been scared. I am getting my pap smear done the 28th and will also have them remove my birth control during my visit. It feels so far away.