I'm on the second pack of sprintec. I take them on time every night (never been lare on one by more than an hour) and haven't missed one to date. I had unprotected sex about 13 days ago and am not supposed to reach my inactive pills for another 5 days, the 6th day being when I would hit the white tablet. I woke up today with really light brownish/pink spotting and it's gotten heavier enough throughout the day that I had to get a pantyliner. I've been go ogling and seeing a lot about implantation bleeding versus breakthrough bleeding and am starting to get anxious, because I can't tell if it's just me still adjusting or if it's indicative of early pregnancy signs. I've also seen stuff about how if it is BTB that it means the pill may be failing to suppress ovulation - how many cycles do you wait before that's what it probably means? Lots of questions and concerns, please help!