I had the mirena put in 6 weeks after my second son was born. I have had it in for 4 1/2 months now and the first months period was heavy and lasted week. I then had the last two light pink lasted for 3 -4 days and then this month ive bled for 17 days straight heavily and woke up with horrible cramping that woke me up out of my sleep. I couldn't even stand up straight and was hunched over. The pains reminded me of contractions that's how severe they were. I haven't had pains in the last 5 nights but am still bleeding. I didn't go to my 6 week checkup after placement because I didn't have insurance. I then got insurance and went with this concern to my obgyn. He did an internal exam said he couldn't see or feel the threads and sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound and internal ultrasound. The radiologist came out said they talked with my obgyn and that It was in the correct spot and I could just go home. So I returned home and I stopped bleeding heavily next two days and it was really dark and light so I thought it was ending. I then today 17th day went to wipe after urinating and am bleeding bright red heavily again. What is the cause of this and am I miscarrying or is this in fact normal with the mirena? I had the mirena after first boy and my periods were never like this they were pink and light lasting 3-4 days at most.So that is why im so concerned but I don't know if its because ive went through two pregnancies instead of one or what. Please help me and respond asap thank you! -Amber