I have had bladder spasms my entire life. All the doctors seem to keep relating it to my kidneys (Kidney reflux which i was born with). I feel like my problem has been swept under the carpet for so long that i decided to do my own research. I am looking into my problem and if anyone could help me I would certainly appreciate it. Every day my body wakes me up with the same spasm and once it is finished i then rush off to empty my bladder. Sometimes it will wake me up the middle of the night also. During the day i have to be careful that i don't drink too much water otherwise i have to crouch down and sit there until the spasm has passed. I have spasms 4-6 times a day depending on my liquid consumption. A spasm can last as little as 30 seconds and a really bad one would stay with me for up to 5 minutes. If anyone can provide me with information about treatments for bladder spasms or at least an explanation of why i am getting them.