My girlfriend apparently has a hereditary infection/inflammation in her bladder, like her big sister and her mother.
As a result of that she keeps having deep pain aches and overall weakness and a lot of life red dot appear on her leg that are itching and looking like moskitou bites. And this thing goes on and of for the past 3-4 months with each time the doctor gives her antibiotics (not sure which one, maybe almiron).
Another thing is the fact that she installed inside her 6 months ago a device against pregnancy instead of the normal pills and as a result she cannot get pregnant and during intercourse i can ejaculate inside of her,( and we do it everytime we do an act like intercourse.
Do my basically my question is, if the fact that after the act and i ejaculated inside her and the sperm stays inside, is it dangerous, unhealthy for you? Because sometime she goes to sleep afterwards without cleaning her areas.