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Bladder Infection - list 10 food that irritate the bladder?

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itsmetoo2 19 Jan 2010

If you have a bladder infection, what medication are you going to take. Then I can let you know what not eat. Sorry, I asked a question to answer your question. If you are not taking something, then I would stay from all acid foods.

igotubabe 22 Jan 2010

Sorry, can't think of 10 but I have a few, Soda (caffiene/carbonation), spicy foods (jalapenos), chocolate and alcohol. A few foods to help PREVENT a bladder infection include cranberries (highly suggested), yogurt, beans, blueberries and strawberries and of course WATER WATER WATER! Some people don't like cranberries, they come in a pill supplement at most stores. I personally drink Cranapple juice and since I'm not a big fan of water, I add some lemon to it and use a straw, seems to help drink it faster! Hope this helps, good luck! free discount card

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