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Black and white capsule used for pain?

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18 Aug 2010

Are there any numbers on this capsule? imprints?

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olguita1027 18 Aug 2010

No, no numbers. Active duty received them while in Qatar trying to find out what they are... Drug test came back negative for narcotic.

Anonymous 18 Aug 2010

My friend maso has a very good answer for you.

Anonymous 18 Aug 2010

We are a family..we help each other in order to help more people.-

Thank you.-


18 Aug 2010


black and white capsule
strenght 150 mg
marking TCL 019

PAPAVERINE is a vasodilator. It relaxes the blood vessels which makes it easier for blood to pass through them. It is used to treat certain conditions that cause blood vessels to spasm. This medicine may also be used to relieve the spasms associated with urinary tract, gallbladder or stomach.

Take care.-

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midwestma 18 Aug 2010

How on earth did you find that answer without an imprint code? I would love to find out how you managed that. Great answer btw... good for you. ((hugs)) midwestma

Anonymous 18 Aug 2010

Thank you maso good job your awesome.

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