This med made me gain 50 pounds. All I'd do is sleep and eat. Suffice to say I had quit it. I'd tapered it down from 20mg to 5mg in about a week and a half. Wanting to be rid of it I stopped it from there. Probably could have taken it from 5 to 2.5 but what the heck, I was ready to come of it.

I had been off it for two days before noticed the mania and irritability. Felt awful, like there was a bee hive in my head. Plus I couldn't sleep. To make a long story short, I took it again after two days of being off it.

Now I've always had bad anxiety. But this was insane. I immediately felt a tingling in my head. My hands went numb and my anxiety sky-rocketed. It became so bad that I couldn't think. I'd just stare blankly, hardly able to communicate. This continued for days afterward, getting worse with each consecutive minute.

Now I feel trapped. I stopped taking the zyprexa almost immediently, but I felt as though the damage had already been done. Now I'm going to Florida to a residential home. Trying to get all of this fixed. Has anyone heard of this or am I completely alone?

I'm still experiencing bad mania but I'm too afraid to take any more. I feel as though this drug has ruined my life. I still can't seem to recover no matter how many meds I take.

P.S. Would Geodon and Seroquel be a better bet?