Prescription daily taking of clonazapem/klonopin.
During that time frame I lost my job and went broke and lost any health care and means to get medical care of any kind. Due this I forced myself to get off the medication very abruptly over 1 year ago in January 2015. Within the first month, I started the have bizarre physical side effects that I can only discern as caused by a possible permanent change in my brain chemistry or brain "damage" of some type. I'm purely guessing it's failure, damage, or alteration of a part of my brain, possibly the hypothalamus (strictly because of the following life altering symptoms).
I'm not crazy, but if someone described this to me I would believe they were. I can assure you, that's not the case. I'm a single 55 year man with little to no financial means grasping at straws and assuming no way out of this twilight zone of existence. I have lost most of my sense of taste. Foods have only a small part of their flavor and usually unpleasant. I have no sense of hunger or thirst. I eat and drink only because the time of day, usually eating some food once a day and drinking several times just to avoid dehydration.
Most foods have a very minimal but mostly unpleasant taste. I have no natural sense of needing sleep. I crawl in bed about 3 am and have a bizarre form of passing out 2 or 3 hours or so, frequently awakened by limited ability to breathe when lying down (another bizarre effect that has developed). The last of the major symptoms is a sexual disfunction I never remotely had before the drug... BTW these symptoms, actually kind of started to occur at least a couple of months before I stopped the med completely last January. That disfunction manifests itself by totally inability to get an erection. There are other more minor but discernable symptoms, but overall it's almost as though my body's abilities for pleasure and self protection have been "destroyed" in a part of my brain. I do feel almost hopeless for any cure or help since it had been a year now. Any comments would be helpful.