It's not the first time that it happened. Back in early January I woke up with itchyness on my wrist 3 bumps that looked like mosquito bites, didn't think anything of it. Next day it got worse, my fore arm started to get swollen, and red, still itchy. I had 2 red lines going up my arm pit and that's when I decided to go to the emergency room where they had me there for 4 days cause they couldn't figure out what it was. During those 4 days they have me different antibiotics through an IV. It sucked missing work but I was ok after that, still have the mark on my wrist.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I took Pictures from this most recent event. To document what happened with my skin.

A couple of nights ago, March 8th, fell asleep for about 2 hours and noticed scratching my fore arm, I immediately knew it happened again and woke up, first picture is how it looked right after I noticed. Now it's 2 spots or wounds. Next pictures is how the process of the wounded area looked. I went to an allergy Doctor this time, 3/11/16, he diagnosed a spider or centipede bite/bites. Gave me meds to take and rightnow it's a little better. But if it's the same as before, the redness and the swolleness is going to go down and the "bites" are going to get shiny and bubblely. No little hole to see if pus comes out. The first time they just kinda dried up.

What is/was it? I have pictures from beginning to present from the second time it happened.