and have put on about one hundred pounds. but have stabilized now havent gained any more in years. i am six feet two inches and three hundred five pounds. i asked my doctor about this and i see her again next week the eighteenth. the thing is i have poor posture and tend to lean forward when sitting and sometimes i get this bubble like feeling in the front and the back of my heart area.(i worked the family practice and embalmed many people after the med examiner was does with them and theyre in pieces so i know where the organs go). on my back side it feels like i am cutting of circulation and if i improve my posture it feels better, the one in the front i dont know about. if i lay down it feel like a huge bubble and if i tap it helps it go away. i tried sparkling water for belching but no improvement. anyone recommend a procedure i can tell my doc about?? god bless to my wonderful friends on D.C, john