Ive been on the nuvaring for over 2 years now, and last month i had a regular period on 4/18. Put a new ring in right after my period, like usual. But on 5/9 i started spotting, it was brown discharge and kept spotting for a few days (nothing like my normal periods) so i took the ring out to see if i would get a normal heavy period and i didnt. i was just enough for a panty liner. We do take the ring out during intercourse and then put it back in. I realized lately ive been getting alot of headache, im tired, and my pants are fitting tighter than usual. I did put a new ring back in on 5/20. so i left it out for 11 days and had intercourse right after i put the ring in, now i have all these mixed symptoms.
Anyone else have this happened before?