On the birthcontrol pill Loestrin and have been taking it sense probably early- mid 2011. I try taking it at 9 every night but as expected, I have my slip ups where I forget to bring it with me when I'm out. When I first started the pill, I would get constant long periods/ spotting that could last up to 11 days so they decreased it to fix it. Every sense, I have not had a period (sense April/May of 2012). While I thoroughly enjoy not having periods I do have concerns, curiosities and questions regarding if this means anything specific? Like will this in any way affect my fertility if/ when id plan on having a child (no time soon!) etc.. And if this is normal in general? I've asked my OBGYN and his answer was "well do you want periods?" Me:'no' OBGYN:"then we're good" which didn't leave me with much information ..