hi i'm 25 years old and i've had poor success with birth control. looking for something new but not sure what would be best.

daily pills don't work for me, I'm terrible at remembering to take things daily since i have an unpredictable and ever changing schedule, theres no one right time in the day for me to take it.

i tried the depo shot as my first birth control and it was the worst for me, i had horrid mood swings and bled for 2 months straight at one point, losing my boyfriend at the time due to loss of sex drive and appeal due to constantly feeling disgusting about the bleeding. felt much better after discontinuation.

then my doctor recommended mirana inserted inside the vagina for up to 5 years. this sounded perfect but when it came time to insert it, they couldn't get it in, apparently they couldn't find the opening, I'm guessing due to being tilted. they asked if there would be any reason for me to be scarred there but at that point in life there had been nothing that could have caused that. so unfortunately it seems like that method can't be practiced on me.

for the past 5 years I've battled with the Impanon. i had it replaced after 3 years as instructed but the systems have only been getting worse. i put up with them for a while because it seemed like my only option but now i am discharging a lot of brown, and have been for 2 months, constantly every day. so now it feels like I'm on depo all over again, no sex drive, no sex appeal, and ruined underwear.

i just want a birth control that is low maintenance and doesn't impact my life so much. i don't care about getting no periods, i'll take a regular period over these surprise 2 month long brown periods any day. please help me find something, i just want to be human.