I gave a review on here somewhere about the drug Microgestin Fe 1.5/30. But that was to help others. Now I need help. I haven't been able to find the answer, or the right question that has to do with my problem, so I'll just ask my self.

So in case any of this has to do with my problem, I'm going to list just a few things that might have to do with it:

I have Asthma, since I was born, whole mothers side and their children have some level of asthma.
I'm about 180lb at age 19.
I've low iron.
And something called "low blood platelets"??

I don't know what else may be relative to me that may contribute to this problem.

Okay, so Microgestin is still new for me.
I took it in the middle of last month because they told me to. Then I had my period, I personally see no need to take it when people don't even have sex on their period, plus with my period cramps and cold sweats I get with my cycle plus the sickening feeling Microgestin gave me, food I loved like my favorite dish spaghetti I would vomit at the smell, smell plus looking at the food was worse, I had to stop taking those pills on my period. Made me to nauseous.

My last period was between April 20th-27th of 2013 (<<< put the year; in case people read this years later, so you wont get confused)
After that I started taking my next patch of pills, bran-new, on my last period, I write down these things, very helpful btw, should try it. =]
Anyhow, I started taking them on April 27th @ 8PM thats my new time, so while my body's making me sick because of those pills I'm already asleep and don't feel the nausea.
I took two pills 27th and 28th, I forgot the rest leading up to today May 2nd. I've a lot to do, you know, cleaning, that's my home job. Literally.
Anyhow, today May 2nd at 11:00AM I found that I'm on my period again.

My question is "why?"
I used to take "Levora 0.15/30" and I would sometimes forget and I wouldn't have this problem, Levora didn't make me feel like I was on a boat in the ocean getting sea-sick...
Microgestin is the ONLY birth control pills I've EVER taken that have made me feel like I was spinning and the only pills that make my period start by missing a few days/week.

Can anyone have an answer as to why this is happening?