I've been on BC since July. I started with Mononessa which was fine. The only symptoms I had on mononessa was tender breasts and spotting during the first month.But I switched to Zovia to help with acne and for less bleeding. My first week of my first monthly dose was fine. The 2nd week was a disaster. I was severely and uncomfortabley bloated and when that would subdue I would become gasey. I would take 3 gas-x pills every day but it still would not fully take care of my bloating. Even when I'm sleeping I feel as if my stomach is distended. During my 2nd month of Zovia I am still bloated. I have not gained weight other than my regular fluctuation between 121-124lbs. I have become irritable and moody around Everyone. My libido has definitely increased but i have not had intercourse since November 10th. I have also become increasingly hungry. I eat well and participate in multiple inter mural leagues. What's wrong with me? I didn't have these problems before? Definitely considering switching BC again. :/