Back in April I got the Depo shot, and spotted the whole last month (of three). Got depo again in July and spotted the last month again. Switched in October to the Lutera pill (combo, same dose every week except last week which of course are the "sugar pills").

I was told by my ob-gyn that I could start my next pack early instead of taking the sugar pills to skip my period. I did that at the end of that pack (early November) and didn't spot at all.

For the last week (third week in new pill pack) I've been spotting so starting yesterday I decided to just take the sugar pills as suggested with the hope that I will just get my period and the spotting will stop after I start the next pack next week, because I have not been able to have sex since the spotting started. In this month's pill pack I have missed 2 pills total (a week apart) and took the 2 pills the next day to "fix" it.

I'm a little confused because I have not had a real period since April, just random spotting here and there and it's frustrating. As the spotting is almost nothing today (even though I'm on day 2 of the sugar pills), I'm wondering if it would be safe to have sex, even though my cycle is being so irregular and I have no idea what is going on. Also, if anybody has been in the same situation or knows anything as to why I keep randomly spotting, I'd really love to know. Thanks!