Okay so i started a new birth control about a month ago called Minastrin 24, and i knew for the first week while taking it i needed to use some other form of other contraceptive since i am sexually active, which i did. actually for 2 weeks i did. but now it comes time for my period and i haven't gotten it yet, i took the brown pill yesterday (iron pill) and it says my period is supposed to come within the 3 days after taking the hormonal pills, and i haven't gotten it yet. i am very worried, but i do have so signs of being close to my period like mood swings like normal, and my boobs hurt a lot. but should i be worried this much? I'm really hoping I'm not pregnant and when we have had sex we used no condom but he didn't come inside me, maybe only a little if anything. is it normal to miss your period the first time youre on birth control? or should i call my doctor?